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This twelve-book series from Clara House, a division of The Oliver Press, offers young readers a ticket for a private tour of some of America’s most exciting places—where people and machines work together to produce the items and services we use every day. Detailed, full-color photographs and clear, engaging text guide children step by step through fascinating processes. From how one company cooks up delicious candy bars to how the post office delivers a letter to its destination, How It Happens books give readers a behind-the-scenes look at the creativity and labor that shape the world around them.

All How It Happens books:

  • 32 pages

  • Full-color photographs

  • 10" x 8"

  • Reinforced library bindings

  • Glossaries

  • Grades 2-5

  • $21.95 each

How It Happens_ATV.jpg
How It Happens_Boat.jpg
How It Happens_BuildingSite.jpg
How It Happens_Candy.jpg
How It Happens_Cereal.jpg
How It Happens_Fireworks.jpg
How It Happens_IceCream.jpg
How It Happens_Motorcycle.jpg
How It Happens_Pizza.jpg
How It Happens_PostOffice.jpg
How It Happens_TV.jpg
How It Happens_Truck.jpg
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