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The new Karate Made Simple series from The Oliver Press introduces youngsters to the basics of karate, the most popular of all the Asian martial arts. Published with the prestigious Japan Karate Federation, the four volumes are packed with colorful photos, easy-to-follow diagrams, and clear texts, making them ideal for the budding martial artist.


Richly illustrated with step-by-step instructions

Lay-flat binding for ease of use

Outlines historical context on this centuries-old artform

All four Karate Made Simple titles:

  • 32 pages

  • full-color photos

  • detailed diagrams

  • 8.25 x 11

  • grades 5-9

  • glossaries

  • indexes

  • lay-flat bindings

  • $24.95 each


Maiko Nakashima

Karate Made Simple 1

Etiquette, Equipment, and the Dojo

ISBN: 978-1-934545-171

When you step into a karate studio, or dojo, it might seem a little like you’ve stepped into a foreign world. You may see people bowing to each other, wearing special clothing, and kneeling on the ground. This book will help you to learn the culture of the dojo by explaining:

  • Where did karate first come from?

  • Why is the formal bow, or rei, so important?

  • How do you wear a karate uniform, or gi?

  • What do the different colors of belts mean?


Maiko Nakashima

Karate Made Simple 2

Punching, Kicking, and Blocking

ISBN: 978-1-934545-188

Everyone knows what a “karate chop” is, but did you know that there are over twenty different ways to use the hand as a weapon? In this book, you will learn how to use your hands and feet as weapons, how to block an attack, and how to practice with a partner to develop speed and timing. This book will help you to learn basic fighting techniques by explaining:

  • What is the correct way to form a fist?

  • How do you defend against a punch?

  • What are kata, and how do they help you practice?

  • How do you generate power in a strike?


Maiko Nakashima

Karate Made Simple 3

Practice, Sparring, and Competition

ISBN: 978-1-934545-195

To be a skilled martial artist, it isn’t enough to know how to punch and kick. You have to be able to combine a rapid sequence of attacks with footwork and timing. This book will teach you some simple drills to help develop your sparring abilities, and explain:

  • Why are warm-ups necessary?

  • What is the difference between a preemptive strike and a counterattack?

  • Why is zanshin so important?

  • How are karate competitions judged?


Maiko Nakashima

Karate Made Simple 4

Karate Origins and Expansion

ISBN: 978-1-934545-164

Karate began on a small island near Japan as a way for unarmed peasants to defend themselves. From that humble beginning, it has become a popular sport throughout the world. This book will help you understand the amazing growth of karate by explaining:

  • How did China influence the development of karate?

  • How did World War II affect the spread of karate?

  • Where do the world's best karate practitioners compete?

  • Who are some of the world's karate champions?

  • Which countries are the strongest in karate?

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