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Kieran Doherty

Voyageurs, Lumberjacks, and Farmers:
Pioneers of the Midwest

The fertile lands, vast forests, and many lakes and rivers of the midwestern United States beckoned these settlers: Antoine Cadillac and Jean du Sable, founders of Detroit and Chicago; Charles Langlade and Julien Dubuque, first settlers in Wisconsin and Iowa; Revolutionary War heroes George Rogers Clark and Rufus Putnam, who opened the way for settlers in Indiana and Ohio; and Josiah and Abigail Snelling, the first family of Minnesota. The early days of North and South Dakota are also briefly covered.

  • 176 pages

  • More than 80 black-and-white photos, maps, and illustrations

  • Reinforced library binding

  • 7" x 9"

  • Timeline

  • Source notes

  • Bibliography

  • Index

  • Grades 7 and up

  • ISBN: 978-1-881508-54-0

  • $22.95

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