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Dereen Taylor


Dive into this feast of tasty facts about the food and cooking of Nigeria. Learn all about the climate, history, religion, and culture of Nigeria and how they have influenced the national cuisine. Read this book and discover:

  • how to use fufu, a white sticky ball of porridge, to scoop up your soup or stew – when the soup is finished, you eat the fufu

  • how the Igbo people celebrate weddings by breaking and sharing cola nuts

  • how the city of Argungu hosts a festival each year in which hundreds of locals compete to catch the biggest fish in just one hour


The book contains three recipes with clear, step-by-step instructions, so you can try cooking up some popular Nigerian dishes for yourself.

  • 32 pages

  • Full-color photos

  • 10 3/5" x 8 2/3"

  • Library bindings

  • Maps

  • Glossary

  • Index

  • Websites

  • Grades 4–8

  • ISBN: 978-1-934545-14-0

  • $24.95

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